Wendell Christensen, Man 'Who Helped Build Nampa,' Dies at 89


A Nampa man who helped "build his city," according to relatives, died Nov. 9.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune remembers 89-year-old Wendell Christensen, who moved to Nampa after his 1949 graduation from the University of Idaho. Shortly thereafter, Christensen was hired for his first (and only) job: superintendent of Nampa Parks and Recreation, a position he held for 38 years.

Christensen is being remembered as the man who helped develop Nampa's first park, first community center and Centennial Golf Course.

Christensen spent many nights on his tractor, "basically building the city," according to his son, Robert Johnson.

"He'd literally go down there, work night and day and beg for money to contribute because the city didn't have money to contribute," Johnson told the Press-Tribune.

Additionally, Christensen was remembered as a man who routinely invited people who were in need to his family's dinner table.