Tribune: Nez Perce Prosecutor Being Investigated for Use of Sexist Photo


Nez Perce County Prosecutor Used This Photo in a Team-Building Exercise.
  • Nez Perce County Prosecutor Dan Spickler is under fire for using this photo in what he called a team-building exercise.

A sexual harassment grievance has been filed against Nez Percent County Prosecutor Dan Spickler for using an inappropriate photograph in what he called "a team building exercise."

The photo depicts a young woman, braless, wearing a cropped T-shirt with the following written across her chest: "I Wish These Were Brains."

But Spickler said the grievance is politically motivated.

"Obviously, the way this is now being put out is for political purposes," Spickler told the Lewiston Tribune. "I didn't refer to the picture at all except that it was up on the screen."

The Tribune reports that Spickler said he was surprised when some people said they thought the photo was inappropriate.

"I sincerely apologized," Spickler said.

An investigator, Kandy Weaver of Weaver and Associates in Boise, recommended by the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, is looking into the incident.

Spickler's opponent, Kimron Torgerson, said he was not involved in the matter and had hoped it would be dealt with after the election.