Average University Student Receives $5,750 in Aid This Year



The cost of attending America's four-year public universities has slowed a bit, but a report out this morning from the College Board Advocacy and Policy Center says costs still climbed 4.8 percent this year.

Sandy Baum, author of the study, told USA Today that families should not focus on "sticker prices" but rather "net prices," the amount families pay after scholarships and other grant aid is considered. According to Baum, about two-thirds of students receive some form of grant aid, estimated to be about $5,750 this year.

USA Today reports that using that estimate, the average net price this year for public universities is $2,910, up $290 from last year. At private universities, the average net price this year—$13,380—is lower than the net price in 2008-09. Community college students generally receive enough aid to cover average tuition and put $1,220 toward other expenses.