DNC 2012: Democrats Look to Sway Western Mormons


A busy morning on Tuesday, Sept. 4, greeted Idaho's Democratic Party delegates, scheduled to attend the Women's, LGBT and Senior caucuses.

They were also scheduled to attend a caucus designed to reach the Mormon population within the Democratic Party. A group of Utah Democrats led other Western states in a meeting meant to raise the profile of followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who vote for Democrats.

Scott Howell, a Utah Democrat challenging incumbent Orrin Hatch for a Senate seat, told the Las Vegas Sun that the Mormon church is not "a Republican church."

The group hopes to get out the vote among large LDS populations in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Idaho.

While the most-prominent political member of the LDS faith remains GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Democrats believe as many as 1 million LDS church members may be Democrats.