Fish and Game: 'Boo Boo' Bear's Burns Are Severe


Dr. Mark Drew exams Boo Boo.
  • Courtesy U.S. Forest Service
  • Idaho Fish and Game veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew exams Boo Boo, the 4-month-old black bear cub burned in the Mustang Complex Fire.

His name is "Boo Boo," as in Yogi Bear's best buddy, but there's nothing cartoonish about the injuries that the cub sustained in the Mustang Complex Fire.

On Tuesday, the 4-month-old, 25-pound bear was anesthetized and bandaged up to protect his burned paws. Firefighters and fishermen rescued Boo Boo from a Douglas fir tree. They said he couldn't walk and hadn't eaten in approximately four days.

For now, Idaho Fish and Game veterinarian Mark Drew is keeping a close eye on Boo Boo, but the cub will probably need what Drew said was "intense treatment" at a hospital. If he does survive, Boo Boo will probably need to spend the rest of his days at an animal sanctuary or in captivity because he will quickly become too familiar with humans.

The approximate 149,000-acre Mustang Fire is burning on the Salmon-Challis National Forest in the main Salmon River corridor about 25 air miles northwest of Salmon. Firefighters located the injured black bear cub in Wheat Creek, 15 miles downriver from the Middle Fork Salmon River and main Salmon River confluence.

Idaho Fish and Game Biologist Chris Gaughan lifts Boo Boo from a truck bed.

Dr. Mark Drew treats Boo Boos paws.

Boo Boos bandaged paws.