Officials: Trinity Ridge Blaze Could Rage Into October



As of this morning, fire officials are estimating that it could be Oct. 1 before the Trinity Ridge Fire is contained. To date, 97,457 acres have been scorched—only 5 percent of the blaze has been contained.

Fire managers said this morning that they continue to be concerned over the northwest section of the blaze, between the Middle and North Forks of the Boise River.

Two community meetings have been scheduled for today, one this morning at the Pine Senior Center and another this evening at the Idaho City Community Hall. Thick smoke and reduced visibility have led the Elmore County sheriff to order evacuations from Featherville to the Paradise area. Pine-Featherville Road remains closed to all but fire and emergency traffic.

To date, the Trinity Ridge Fire has cost more than $14.25 million and is being battled by 1,148 personnel.