UPDATE: Boise Police Encounter Growing Number of Fake ID's


UPDATE 1:15 P.M.

Andrew Meehan, policy analyst for the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License told Citydesk that the Chinese website where so many Idaho minors had turned to in order to procure fake ID's had been shut down.

"[United States senators] took the right step in addressing directly the Chinese ambassador and seeking his help," said Briam Zimmer, CSDL president. "It is clear that action soon followed in China leading to an abrupt end to the menace of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit IDs flooding this country.”

Citing incidents in Idaho and across the nation, Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin, Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk and Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin urged China's ambassador to the U.S. Zhang Yesui to close down the website.


Boise Police have encountered a large amount of fake IDs manufactured in China.

Boise Police officers report this morning that a "large amount" of fake ID's have surfaced in Boise, most of them manufactured in China. Law enforcement estimated that thousands of local minors, ranging from 15 to 20 years old, have purchased the fake ID's for up to $100.

"These new types of fake ID's are something we have never seen before," said Boise Police Officer Jermaine Galloway, who has been researching and investigating the ID's. "I have talked to colleagues in multiple states who have been dealing with this problem even longer than we have in Boise."

Boise officers said they recovered fake ID's claiming residences in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

The fake ID's had reportedly been purchased through a website called ID Chief at idchief.ph, which produces fake ID's for multiple states, including Idaho. Police said minors were sending their photo, signature and personal information to China in hopes of receiving a fake ID.

BPD said the fake ID's had been used to purchase alcohol but were also used in theft scams and fraudulent bank transactions.

"A couple of the ID's are spot on, they are hard to tell that they are fake," said Galloway. "Others have flaws that are easy to identify if you know what you are looking for."

Boise Police have encountered a large amount of fake IDs manufactured in China.