Passenger Sees Damaged Wing, Handwritten Note Outside Plane's Window


A passenger aboard a July 28 Alaska Airlines flight from Burbank, Calif.. to Seattle was a bit shaken after looking out the window of the plane. On what appeared to be a damaged area of the wing, the passenger saw a handwritten note saying, "We know about this."

The passenger took a photo of the wing and uploaded it to Reddit.

Passenger, under the identification of Boeing247, posted photo of damaged wing on Reddit.
  • Reddit
  • An Alaska Air passenger posted this photo of the damaged airplane wing on Reddit.

The passenger accompanied the photo with her own message:

"The maintenance team for this Alaska Airlines 737 sure knows how to instill passenger confidence. The method of communication here shows a unique level of professionalism."

The airline said Wednesday that there was nothing to worry about. Alaska spokeswoman Bobbie Egan told the Associated Press that the passenger spotted "an approved trim repair" on the corner flap of the plane's right wing. A maintenance technician had written the note to let the flight crew know.

"The message was the result of someone's good intentions," said Egan, who added that the note "was not appropriate and did not follow company procedures."