Boise State Planner James Maguire Heads to Dallas


A major player behind the massive expansion of Boise State's campus is headed to a new post in Dallas, Texas.

James Maguire, associate vice president for campus planning and facilities, will now become vice chancellor for administrative services at the University of North Texas.

Maguire served six years at Boise State, during which time the campus saw significant expansion, including the Micron Business and Economics building, Norco building, Student Union expansion and new student housing facilities. Maguire talked about the extent of all that expansion in the May 30 edition of Boise Weekly, What's Blue, Orange and Has 1 Million (Square) Feet?

"Since 2004, we've completed about 1.44 million in square footage, costing hundreds of millions of dollars," Maguire told Boise Weekly. "Of that, 500,000 square feet is in parking garage space."

Boise State said that Maguire had been instrumental in securing 20 new facilities and major remodels totaling more than $275 million.