Idaho Democratic Caucus: New District Affords New Opportunity for Steve Berch

“I have lived in West Boise for 31 years, and District 15 is now a pure West Boise district."


Steve Berch (left) with campaign manager Dan DeLuca (right)
  • Jaclyn Brandt
  • Steve Berch (left) with campaign manager Dan DeLuca.

Saturday's Ada County Democratic Presidential Caucus brought many local politicians out. With the May 15 primary only weeks away, and most eyes on the November general election, dozens of incumbents and challengers said the event at Boise State's Morrison Center was a great way to promote their campaigns to area Democrats.

Dan DeLuca is one of the many “behind the scenes” olitical operatives working the caucus - he's the campaign manager for Steve Berch, running in District 15. DeLuca may be younger than most campaign managers. A student at Boise State, last year, he worked for the Student Programs Board for the university, an organization in charge of the concerts on campus.

“[Music and politics] are two things I’ve always loved, and I spent two years as a poli-sci major,” he said.

DeLuca is currently a music major, but met Berch when he was working for the Legislature. He had more than one legislator ask him to work for them, but he chose Berch because winning a Democratic campaign in District 15 was more of a challenge.

“But it’s still winnable,” DeLuca said as he was running back and forth between Berch’s two booths at the caucus. The two booths are because the district is split between Congressional District 1 and Congressional District 2.

Berch ran four years ago, but in Ada County's old District 14. Newly crafted redistricting has set new boundaries and Berch couldn’t be happier.

“I have lived in West Boise for 31 years, and District 15 is now a pure West Boise district,” said Berch.