Lucky Peak Release Will Double Rate of Flow



Those anxious for summer and the prime months for floating the Boise River may have to wait before donning the water wings.

On March 30, the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will increase flows from Lucky Peak Dam to help reduce the risk of springtime flooding. As the snowpack melts and the rainy weather kicks up, Boise area reservoirs are at higher-than-average levels, currently at 76 percent of capacity.

By April 3, river flows will increase 500 cubic feet per second, with a flow rate of 6,500 cfs at the Glenwood Bridge gauge, which is more than double the flow rate a month ago. A flow rate of 7,000 cfs is considered flood-stage level.

Officials also said that flow could also increase in the coming months as more water pours into the river system. With the cold water, increased depth and velocity of the river, they advise citizens exercise extra caution near the water.