Offering to Help Idaho Legislators Pack Their Bags


Wanna help some lawmakers pack their bags?

Advocates who spent the past three months advancing and defending civil rights, social equality and economic justice at the Idaho Statehouse say they now want to offer lawmakers a helping hand - in packing up and leaving.

On Monday, March 26, at 11 a.m., United Action for Idaho and its partners will celebrate the soon-to-be finale of the 2012 Legislature session with a Statehouse protest/community moving day event that’s designed to help a lawmaker or two pack their baggage and get it and them out of the People’s House.

“Giving up their lunch hour to lend their services, citizens will rally and then deliver moving boxes to the House and Senate chambers bearing the names of their legislators to send them off with the message that the majority of our elected officials have failed this session and it is time to go,” a UAI press announcement reads.

According to the UAI folks, “This will mark the end of the 2012 legislative session, which is expected to close Tuesday. Individuals and groups will gather to address the numerous failures of this session and the many issues that have united us in our common struggle for justice.”