Mitt Romney Wins Doubleheader, Sets Sights on Idaho, Super Tuesday


With every twist of the long and winding road that is the 2012 presidential race, the importance of next week's Super Tuesday grows. That's when Idaho will join nine other states across five time zones to hold caucuses and/or primaries.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had a pretty good Tuesday night, narrowly defeating former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum by 3 percentage points. Romney picked up 14 delegates, compared to Santorum's 12, with four still up in the air.

Romney had a much better time of it in Arizona, where he gained a comfortable victory and picked up all of that state's 29 delegates.

In today's BW, we examine the Idaho caucuses, how they will work and the men and women behind the scenes making it happen. And we examine how once all of the music has stopped and the candidates have moved on from the Gem State, the Idaho Republican Party will reap the greatest bonanza in its lead up to the May primary, when dozens of important Statehouse party runoffs will occur.