Boise Co-op Sends E-mail to Members Regarding BW Story


Members of Boise Co-op received an email this morning in the wake of a story in today's edition of BW.

As reported by BW's Tara Morgan, the co-op has opted to move from a practice that gave more than $200,000 to local charities in 2011 to one that will cap donations at $3,000 a month for 2012.

"Instead of the scattershot of saying 'yes' to everybody, we're hoping to foster really long-term and deeper relationships with people that will support us in return," said co-op Marketing Manager Lee Clinton.

In today's e-mail, the co-op insisted that it did "not have a new donation policy." Rather, the statement said, "Boise Co-op is currently refining its numerous giving programs with a renewed commitment to work within these guidelines."

In addition to hearing from Clinton, today's BW report includes reaction from the i48 Film Festival, one of the 36 local organizations that benefited from the co-op in 2011, which will be affected by the recent changes.

"It's too bad," said Josie Psul, i48 director. "We've been working with [the co-op] since back in the days of True West. ... They've been a great partner with us and we're sad to not have them, but you know, we understand."