Green Advocates Bring Message to Statehouse


Saying they were anxious to "plant the seed" with Idaho lawmakers, handing them green folders stuffed with alternate energy options, clean-energy advocates brought their cause to the Statehouse Thursday.

The third-annual Energy Lobby Day saw lobbyists throughout the rotunda's fourth floor in an effort to give a voice to water conservation and energy concerns.

Patricia Winn, a native Portlander, agreed that Idaho has a bit of catching up to Oregon to do.

"Maybe the effort must go from West to East, because the other side of the country uses so much nuclear energy," said Winn. "Today is about planting the seed of concern in Idaho."

Greg Olson, owner of Boise-based Blue Lighting, said Idaho's abundance of cheap hydropower gives the Gem State added advantages.

"If you can sell green energy here, imagine its appeal in California," said Olson.