Business, Sports Leaders Boost Multi-Use Stadium Effort


Proposed multi-use stadium for Boise
  • Better Boise Coalition
  • Proposed multi-use stadium for Boise.

In an attempt to quell rumors, state facts and keep interest robust in the possibility of a new stadium for the City of Boise, business and sports leaders still faced an overriding question Wednesday afternoon: How will it be paid for?

Members of the Better Boise Coalition, the Boise Metro Chamber and the Boise Hawks offered what they called the "State of the Stadium," presenting a solid lineup of economic benefits to the Treasure Valley when and if a multi-use stadium could be built, offering a new home for the Boise Hawks, a minor league soccer team, high-school sports, concerts and other events.

"We even envision an outdoor skating rink for the months of December and January," said Todd Rahr, general manager of the Hawks. " Think of this as your Rockefeller Center in Boise."

Rahr said Hawks ownership could manage the stadium under an umbrella organization, to be called the Treasure Valley Sport and Entertainment Facility.

Rahr said the stadium could cost between $20 million to $25 million when compared to other stadiums across the nation. He envisioned a public-private partnership in which his organization would pay $1.5 million to $3 million in up-front costs and annual lease payments from concession and user-fee revenues. But the bigger piece of the pie would come from a naming-rights sponsor and a capital campaign or philanthropic donors.

As for a location, the Coalition has recommended to city officials that an ideal site would either by a parcel of property at 27th Street and Fairview Avenue, currently owned by St. Luke's Hospital, or another parcel on 30th Street, owned by the city, which used to be the location of Roundtree Chevrolet.

"The final decision would need to come from the Capital City Development Corporation and the City of Boise," said Marc Johnson, partner of Gallatin Public Affairs and co-chair of the BBC.