Council Meets on Roundabout


The Boise City Council will meet in workshop this Tuesday afternoon to consider a proposed roundabout linking 36th Street and Hill Road. Construction is not scheduled until 2017 but planning for the unique thoroughfare is well under way with Ada County Highway District.

Planners are wrestling with whether to make the 36th St. roundabout two lanes or one lane and calculating projected speeds of vehicles entering or exiting the circle. City staff are recommending that the roundabout be constructed with single lanes and lower speeds. It's estimated that a single-lane roundabout could accommodate traffic through 2023, but multiple lanes would be needed soon thereafter. Staff expressed concern that multiple lanes would cause a 10 percent to 15 percent increase of traffic but added that much traffic "east of Hill, a collector, and consequently North End streets, is not acceptable."

Instead, Boise city staff is recommended that additional money "be spent on increasing capacity on State Street."