Idahoans Charged With Making Bomb Threat as Part of Casino Getaway Plan


People cash in coins on a pretty constant basis at Cactus Petes, the resort casino in Jackpot, Nev. But law enforcement knew something was up when when a bomb threat was called in to the casino shortly after three Idahoans tried to cash in approximately $800 in coins.

The Elko Daily Free Press reports this morning that one of the trio was spotted on his cellphone, right about the time the casino received a call claiming a bomb would go off on the gaming floor. An Elko County Sheriff's deputy questioned the three, who would not explain how they got the $800 in coins, but according to law enforcement, did admit to making the call as part of a ruse to allow them to slip away.

Among the charges in the wake of the incident: suspicion of making a bomb threat, possession of stolen credit cards and conspiracy to commit a crime.