Report: Sun Valley City Administrator Fired


An ugly bit of business has resulted in the firing of Sun Valley's city administrator.

The Times News reports this morning that Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe, who was just recently sworn into office, fired Sharon Hammer with the unanimous backing of the Sun Valley City Council. Hammer was granted severance pay equal to six month's salary, in return for waiving her right to bring a claim against the city because of the termination.

Hammer was placed on administrative leave last November, resulting in her filing a lawsuit against the City of Sun Valley, claiming the city "failed to protect her" from what she said was inappropriate behavior. Hammer named Council Members Nils Ribi and Bob Youngman and City Attorney Adam King as defendants.

Hammer's attorney James Donoval (who also happens to be her husband) was additionally sued by Ribi, claiming defamation of character, concerning comments made regarding Hammer's suit.