NY Times Examines Romney's Mormon Challenge in Deep South


This morning's New York Times reports on Mitt Romney continuing to face unease among evangelicals when they question his Mormon faith. Romney still gets some push-back, especially as he ventures into the deep South and faces Christian fundamentalists.

"The religion of Mitt Romney, the front-runner, may be an inescapable issue in many voters' minds," wrote the Times. "In south Carolina, where about 60 percent of Republican voters are evangelical Christians, Mr. Romney, a devout Mormon and a former bishop in the church, faces an electorate that has been exposed over the years to preachers ... who teach that the Mormon faith is apostasy."

The article features interviews with several Mormons, including Lane Williams, a communications professor at BYU-Idaho.

"My daily life tries to be about Jesus Christ," said Williams. "And in that way, I don't think I'm much different from my Protestant friends."

A recent Pew poll indicated that about two-thirds of mainline Protestants and Catholics said Mormonism is Christian, compared with only about a third of white evangelicals. By contrast, 97 percent of Mormons said their religion is Christian in a different Pew poll released this month.