Idaho Officials Being Flooded With Mail From Warren Jeffs, Followers


It's not out of the ordinary for government officials and media outlets to regularly receive letters from prison inmates—let's face it, they have a fair amount of time on their hands and their letters are usually pretty long.

But officials in Fremont and Madison counties in Eastern Idaho say they're mailboxes are being packed lately by mailings from none other than Warren Jeffs, the polygamist sect leader who was locked up in a Texas prison for sexually assaulting two young girls he claimed were his wives.

The Rexburg Standard Journal reports that letters and packages of information proclaiming Jeffs' teachings have been filling mailboxes at the Fremont and Madison county offices. Fremont County Commission Chairman Skip Hurt said his colleagues have been receiving documents, some via Priority Mail, for several weeks. Madison County Clerk Kim Muir also confirmed that several Priority Mail packages have showed up at her office. Most of the packages have been thrown away unopened.

The Standard Journal said Eastern Idaho is part of a wide set of mailings by Jeffs and his supporters. The Associated Press reports a similar flurry of mail to South Dakota.

Jeffs recently lost his phone privileges at the Texas prison after he was accused of preaching to his followers in calls that he made around Christmas.