Contrary to Talk Show Claims, Boise District Employees Didn't Go to Vegas Bowl


Listen to talk radio in the Treasure Valley and you might hear that the Boise School District is knee-deep in a controversy involving $800 of Boise School District expenses, Las Vegas and the Boise State Broncos' recent appearance in the Maaco Bowl.

Additionally, one radio station is asking local media "to investigate Boise School District's taxpayer trip to Las Vegas last month." In fact, BW received a copy-and-paste inquiry from one of the station's listeners.

The inquiry references a line item in the Boise School District's list of expenses for December. Particularly, on Dec. 20, 2011, a check was cut for $818.76 to the Rivera Operating Company (the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas) with an accompanying description of "travel to conferences."

The station's afternoon talk show host claimed that the district sent "people for a quick trip to Las Vegas, five days before Christmas and two days before the BSU Broncos play in the Maaco Bowl."

"Isn't it interesting that other media outlets in Idaho aren't even paying attention to this?" asked the host. "Why not contact these other media outlets and ask them to investigate this matter?"

With a nod to another broadcaster, Paul Harvey, here's the "rest of the story":

There was no trip to Las Vegas in December.

Citydesk learned that the expense was for two auto electronics instructors who teach at Boise Schools Technical Eduction Center to attend workshops at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Additionally, the Boise School District is to be reimbursed for such continuing education from the Idaho Division of Vocational-Technical Education.