Boise Fifth Best City for Men


Boise's newest "best" distinction is that the City of Trees has been named "Fifth Best City for Men," by Men's Health magazine.

Burglington, Vt., topped the list as the magazine's best city for men, ranking metropolitan areas on exercise, employment, air quality, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Madison, Wis., was second best, followed by Plano, Texas; San Jose, Calif.; and Boise. The top-10 were rounded out by Austin, Texas; Virginia Beach, Va.; Seattle.; Aurora, Colo.; and Raleigh, N.C.

Memphis, Tenn., was the bottom of the list of 100 cities. Other losers included Burlington, Ala.; Philadelphia, Detroit and St. Louis.

Here's what the latest issue of Men's Health Magazine had to say about Boise:

#5. Boise, ID

Grow your own
Harvard researchers recently indicted potatoes as one of the worst foods for your waistline. So how can the Spud State's capital be a hot spot for healthy men? "We have a lot of community gardens," says Nancy Rush, R.D., of Idaho's Central District Health Department. And surprisingly, potatoes aren't Boise residents' primary crop. "People mostly grow greens, squash, broccoli, and lots of tomatoes," she says. "With community gardens, you not only gain access to fresh food, but you also get exercise when you plant, harvest, and weed. Plus, you enjoy the social benefits of working together." Ready to stake out a plot? Search for a garden in your city at