DUI Drivers in Boise Risk Having Their Car Towed Beginning Today


Beginning today, drivers arrested for DUI in Boise risk having their car towed, and it will only be released to a sober adult driver. Police are concerned about intoxicated drivers bonding out of jail, and getting behind the wheel again.

Since September, Boise Police have had two cases of drivers lawfully bonding out of jail and then being arrested a second time for DUI, both arrests coming within hours of each other. On Sept. 7, a Boise woman was busted for DUI twice within five hours. On Oct. 28, a Meridan woman was arrested twice within three hours.

So effective today, the vehicle will be towed unless a licensed sober adult is present and able to drive the vehicle with the owner's consent. If the vehicle is towed, the owner will be responsible for a tow fee of $125.