Video: Occupiers Booted From Iowa Coffee Shop


It's one thing to occupy public space, but Occupiers were shown the door when the owner of an Iowa coffee shop had heard enough.

"We all have our rights," said Amy Brehm, who runs Java Joe's, where MSNBC had set up broadcast facilities in Des Moines, "but not in my place."

[ Video is no longer available. ]

This morning, members of Occupy Des Moines stood chanting in the middle of the crowded coffee shop before they were asked to leave.

On Thursday evening, 12 Occupiers were arrested at the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters after police said they refused to move out from in front of the front door of the building. Among those taken into police custody was a 14-year-old, who was later released into the custody of her father.

According to the Occupy Des Moines website, Occupiers were vowing to "chase the candidates and their Wall Street cronies around the state of Iowa, dogging their heels at all their black-tie dinners and staged media events, drowning out their empty rhetoric with the strong, clear message of the 99 Percent."