The Beginning of the End on Wall Street


Wall Street is going out with a whimper.

The final trading day of 2011 opened this morning with stocks slipping down. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 23 points in the first hour of trading. The Standard and Poors Index and NASDAQ also dropped. Trading has been relatively quiet as volume on the New York Stock Exchange has been about half of its traditional daily average.

Of local interest, Micron stock increased on the NASDAQ exchange this morning, gaining 7 cents to $6.34. But 2011 has not been kind to the Boise-based corporation, which traded as high as $11.80 per share in February.

Hewlett-Packard also gained some strength this morning on the New York Stock Exchange, trading up 25 cents to $25.87 per share. But again, HP is ending the year on a down note, considering it traded for nearly $49 per share in February.

SuperValu jumped this morning (up 14 cents) to $8.18 per share. But its 2011 high of more than $11 per share was posted in May.