A Long Silent Night for the Homeless


Among the many glowing faces of children this Christmas Eve, the recession has also revealed other faces: homeless children.

The National Center on Family Homelessness reported this month that 1.6 million children were living on the streets of the United States last year or in shelters, motels or doubled-up with other families. That's a 38 percent jump in child homelessness since 2007. According to the report, there were nearly 7,500 homeless children in Idaho last year.

Here in Boise, children whose parents have found themselves without a home have somewhere to go during the day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and every other day this winter. The Pioneer Neighborhood Community Center, south of downtown, provides a warm, safe environment for moms, dads and infants during the day, after the night shelters have closed. In the current issue of BW, we visit the Pioneer Center on Ash Street and we meet a woman who has a warm place to bring her children, including her days-old newborn.