City Council to Vote Dec. 20 on Hammer Flat


The Boise City Council will take up the proposed sale of Hammer Flat to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game on Tuesday, Dec. 20. The meeting is scheduled for noon at City Hall.

The sale could come less than two years after the city purchased Hammer Flat with $4.1 million in Foothills serial levy funds. In March, city officials announced that a "baseline survey" would be conducted for a full 12 months, asking citizens to stay clear of the area while wildlife experts determined the best use of the land.

But Idaho and Fish and Game, flush with $4.23 million in mitigation funds from the Bonneville Power Administration, wants to close the deal sooner than later.

You can read more about the proposed deal and how it doesn't necessarily sit well with some citizens, in particular, Boise's paragliding community, in this week's BW.