Boise State Joins Big East in 2013


Boise State confirmed the worst-kept secret in town this afternoon—the Broncos will be part of the Big East Conference (for football only) beginning in the fall season of 2013. Most of Boise State's other teams, including basketball, will be returning to the Western Athletic Conference, also in 2013. Boise State's wrestling team will continue to compete in the Pac-12 conference.

"We will be facing outstanding competition from around the country," said head football coach Chris Petersen. "The move is going to be great for our program."

The Big East also put out invitations today to San Diego State, the University of Houston, Southern Methodist University and the University of Central Florida. Some of the other Big East opponents that Boise State is expected to face in the future include Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida.

Once the Big East football membership reaches 12 schools, the conference is expected to divide into two divisions, with division champions playing in a conference championship game. According to the conference, the Big East media markets have a potential television audience of nearly 28 million households.