Forbes: Utah Most Business-Friendly


When companies are poised to grow or relocate, Idaho is hard-pressed when trying to compete with Utah.

Our neighbor to the southeast tops this morning's Forbes Best States for Business and Careers list. In fact, Fobes said "no state can match the consistent performance of Utah. It is the only state that ranks among the top 15 states in each of the six main categories."

According to Forbes, Utah's employment growth has averaged 0.6 percent the past five years. That may not seem like much until you compare it to the U.S. as a whole, where job growth has averaged negative 0.6 percent since 2005.

Procter & Gamble, ITT, Home Depot and Boeing all announced Utah-based expansion this year. Technology also ranks high with Adobe Systems, eBay, Electronic Arts and Oracle all expanding in Utah in recent years.

Utah was followed by Virginia and Louisiana on the list.

The worst states for business included New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine.