UPDATE: Suspicious White Powder Discovered Near Idaho Capitol


UPDATE: 10:15 a.m.

Boise Police reported no threat following an incident where a white powdery substance was discovered in a mail room near the Idaho Statehouse.

"All clear here at the mail room," reported BPD spokeswoman Lynn Hightower.

According to Hightower, the powder "was a very small amount found on letters bundled together with rubber bands." The powder was suspected of being residue from the rubber or dust from mail processing equipment. Only 3 state workers were disrupted while Boise Fire haz-mat crews investigated.

The mail room is located below a garage across the street from the Statehouse and is part of the Capitol Mall complex.


For the second time this month, a white powdery substance has been discovered near the Idaho Statehouse.

The Department of Administration confirmed that the substance was found in a postal area below the parking structure of the Capitol building. Boise Fire, Idaho State Police and haz-mat crews are on the scene. The Statehouse has not been evacuated.

On Nov. 9, a powdery white substance and a bomb threat were discovered inside an envelope delivered to the Attorney General's Office. The building was evacuated for three hours while crews investigated and determined that there was no threat.