Arab Spring Dialogue Comes to Boise State This Week


As a wave of revolts continues to sweep the Middle East, the Arab Spring will be the quite-timely theme of this week's Frank Church Institute conference at Boise State.

With last week's spectacle of a bloodied Moammar Gaddafi, Arab Spring uprisings have now toppled three governments, and today, Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began in January, will be holding its first free, multiparty election in a half-century. Egyptians will hold parliamentary elections next month. Additionally, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain remain in full-fledged revolt.

One of the Frank Church Conference's main speakers on Thursday will be Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement.

"The bigger threat to women, to Muslim communities and to entire nations is violent extremism," Khan told BW. "Extremism which not only distorts our faith and tears apart our societies but has significant impact against women, children and elderly."

You can read our full interview with Khan in the current issue of BW.