Attorneys Raise $8,000 for Idaho Foodbank


A group of Idaho lawyers managed to raise $8,460 for the Idaho Foodbank by eating less. The group went on a “food stamp” budget for one week. To celebrate, the participating Boise lawyers gathered on Oct. 7, the end of their spartan food week, for booze and pizza at Old Chicago. They quickly laid into the cheesy pies.

“I was going to bed hungry,” said attorney Chris Christensen.

BW asked what Christensen’s most decadent snack was before the challenge.

“I would have a bowl of ice cream as a bedtime snack,” Christensen said. “There was no bedtime snack here.”

The lawyers cut their grocery bills to $30 for the week—a daily food expense of $4.30, the budget for one in four Americans. Using their website,, the group of 20 asked for pledges from law firms and individuals around the state. They netted more money than their $8,000 goal and expect more in the coming days.

“What's hard is putting together a plan—and how difficult it would have been if I hadn't planned. Most of us have the luxury of not having to think about what we eat,” said attorney Richie Eppink. “I actually lost three pounds."

The money will be used to feed Idaho families, and, according to Shauna Stonehocker with the Idaho Foodbank, it is a huge boon to their organization. These days, she said, the supplies consistently run dry.

“One in four Idahoans doesn't known where their next meal is going to come from,” Stonehocker said. She’d like to see her organization participate next year.

With the money the attorneys raised for the foodbank, a person could live on $30 per week for 282 weeks, or over five years.