New Pedestrian Signals Being Installed on Capitol Blvd.


Anyone trying to cross Capitol Boulevard near BODO in Boise's downtown has done so at his or her own risk. A recent count of pedestrian traffic at Capitol and Broad Street found more than 100 people crossing within a two-hour timeframe. Considering there's no traffic light, that's a huge safety concern. But the Ada County Highway District is about to change that.

Signal being constructed at Capitol and Broad
  • A pedestrian crossing signal being constructed at the intersection of Capitol and Broad should be operational sometime early in October.

ACHD is constructing a new pedestrian signal at Capitol and Broad. It's not considered a "full" traffic signal, because it will be activated as needed by pedestrians and will be coordinated with the downtown grid of signals. When pedestrians are not present, there won't be a red light.

ACHD is constructing a similar signal at Capitol and Grove. Both signals will have an audible component to assist pedestrians with visual impairments-they will emit a constant beeping noise to help pedestrians locate the push button.

The Capitol and Broad signal should be active in early October and ACHD anticipates the Capitol and Grove signal to be in operation in mid- to late October.