A Call to Arms: Weapons Makers Gather in Boise


The Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturers Association wil host a first-of-its-kind exhibition on Monday, Sept. 26, and Tuesday, Sept. 27 and Wednesday, Sept. 28.

IFAMA, formed in 2009, seeks to bring together firearms-related manufacturing groups located in Idaho. According to IFAMA’s Jon Anson, the exhibition is all about networking.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to get some of the larger manufacturers together and improve networking and visibility for the purpose of jobs,” said Anson. “We’re not trying to say, get [these companies] together and build a shotgun ... If there’s a demand, and that’s what it takes to meet that demand, that’s great.”

Idaho is home to a target-making company working on a $2.5 million shooting range in Virginia. And Oldtown-based Lone Wolf Distributors is the world’s largest Glock accessories distributor.

“We sell both nationally and internationally. We’ve worked very hard at earning the respect of those various market groups and I think it’s paid off. We’re running very far ahead of last year’s figures and we’re pleased as punch,” said Jim Potter, marketing director for Mike Gibson Manufacturing.

MGM is privately contracted to build the nation’s largest shooting range—a two-story building with a 1,500-square-foot shoot house in Richmond, Va. The 14-year-old target company also builds rappel towers, shoot houses and incline walls for the military and law enforcement.

Idaho Metal Craft has been in Boise for 25 years and specializes in metal forming, finishing, machining and more. While their arms business isn’t their core, they employ 25 people and will show off their metalwork in a booth at the upcoming exhibition.

Among the attendees are aerospace and defense company ATK, Moyer’s Gun Repair in Mountain Home, Inner Sanctum Solutions in Boise, and a ceramics company. Dozens of companies have been invited, and IFAMA expect 100-200 people.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will also have a booth focusing on licensing.