Three Polls, Three Dismal Rankings for Obama


Just ahead of a major speech on the nation's failing economy, President Barack Obama's job approval rating hit record lows in a series of polls released this morning.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showed Obama's overall job approval rating down 3 percentage points to 44 percent. His handling of the economy stands at 37 percent.

A Washington Post/ABC poll showed that six in 10 Americans rated the president's job on the economy and jobs negatively, while one in three said they were worse off financially since Obama entered the White House.

Another poll by Politico/George Washington University found that 72 percent of voters believed the country is either strongly or somewhat headed in the wrong direction, a jump of 12 percent since last May.

The polls came two days ahead of a widely anticipated speech before a joint session of Congress, in which Obama is expected to unveil a new plan of attack to spur economic growth.