Slain U of I Student's Family Calls for University Disclosure


UPDATE 2:30 p.m.
The family of Katy Benoit has scheduled a memorial service for the slain 22-year-old for Tuesday, Aug. 30 at Boise High School. Benoit was a 2006 graduate of Boise High, where she was a member of the high school orchestra that toured Europe. She graduated from the University of Idaho in 2010 and had just begun graduate school at the U of I before her death on Monday.

The Aug. 30 memorial service at Boise High is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

While officials at the University of Idaho, citing federal protections, are not providing any details of the relationship between slain graduate student Katy Benoit and her accused killer Ernesto Bustamante, Benoit's family is publicly calling on the U of I to disclose everything it knows about the relationship, which ended in a murder-suicide on Monday evening/Tuesday morning.

"Katy had shared with us details about her issues with Ernesto Bustamante," reads a family statement. "She was deeply alarmed by Bustamante's behavior and rhetoric."

Mosocw Police confirmed that the pair had a relationship, which at times erupted into violent encounters. But in a statement released late Wednesday, the university said it could not "provide any further information about either the existence of a relationship or actions the university may have taken with respect to these two individuals." The university confirmed that Bustamante had resigned his position as associate professor last Friday but declined to offer any specifics.

Prosecutors said Bustamante killed Benoit "with premeditation and with malice."

Benoit's family said they believed that "Katy had obtained a restraining order, changed addresses and filed a complaint with the University of Idaho. Our family had grave concerns when we heard that the university may have received complaints from other students about Bustamante, and that Katy was the only one willing to sign her name to a complaint. We hope that the university will be forthcoming in disclosing everything that went on this past summer in response to Bustamante's behavior towards Katy and others, including the university's involvement."

But the university chose to remain tight-lipped on the matter. "When appropriate, if there is evidence indicating that employees or students may be at risk of crisis, they are counseled to seek assistance," read the university's statement.