NY Media Questions Boise's Egyptian Theatre Marquee


UPDATE: 9:50 a.m.

"Wow. I haven't heard a single thing about this," Joy Hart, the Egyptian's marketing and promotions manager told Citydesk this morning. "No one has come to us about any kind of connection to 9/11."

Hart said that Idaho Live had booked Explosions In the Sky a while ago and "it was just a coincidence that they are coming through Boise on Sept. 11."

Hart said ticket sales were strong for the concert.

"They're a very popular instrumental indie band with a huge underground fan base," she said.

Explosions in the Sky may be billed as "one of Austin's hottest indie bands," but their upcoming concert at Boise's Egyptian Theatre could turn into a public relations nightmare. They're scheduled to play on Sunday, Sept. 11. And when a marquee says "Explosions In The Sky Concert Sept. 11," on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and Pentagon, it makes national news.

Already, New York media outlets are showing pictures of the Egyptian's marquee, calling the timing "unfortunate." It's already the top story on NBC New York's website.