Opponents: Luna is Reporting to Himself


In the wake of school chief Tom Luna's announcement of a new classroom technology task force, one group says it is forming an alternative education reform task force to develop what it calls "viable and responsible options" to Luna's plans. Its first order of business: to shadow Luna's technology task force.

On Thursday, Luna named 38 Idahoans to his technology task force, including two members of the Idaho Senate, two from the House, four district school superintendents, principals, school board trustees and parents. Luna also included some opponents to his plan including Democratic Rep. Wendy Jaquet of Ketchum and Idaho Education Association President Sherri Wood. The group's first meeting is scheduled for June 13 in Boise.

But an opposition group, calling itself the Common Sense Democracy Foundation, has created its own technology task force.

"It is clear that Mr. Luna's technology task force ... is a committee largely stacked with Luna supporters and fellow Republicans," said Travis Manning, chair of the Education Reform Task Force. "Not surprisingly, Mr. Luna sits on the State Board of Education and will, as chair of the Technology Task Force, be effectively reporting to himself."