City Council to be Briefed on Flood Preparations


With public works officials getting nervous every time that rain is in the forecast or a heat wave accelerates a major snow melt-off, the Boise City Council will be briefed next week on river flooding concerns. According a new report issued to council members, "with the significant snowpack there is still elevated potential for flooding."

Current concerns are limited to probable Greenbelt path closures, but city officials will be given an updated plan for a hypothetical emergency where the Boise River approaches 11,000 cubic feet per second. The scenario warns that such high levels would lead to closure of portions of Parkcenter Boulevard, flooding in Spring Meadows, River Run and Municipal Park and closures of portions of Ann Morrison Park and Warm Springs Golf Course. The hypothetical calls for immediate actions (establishing a command post, emergency declarations) and operational objectives (securing manholes, mobilizing sand bags).

Boise Council will be briefed on contingencies Tuesday, May 17.