Unscientific Poll: Boise Wants Cheap Curbside Glass Recycling


Boise Weekly readers have spoken on glass recycling. The overwhelmingly majority would like to have curbside glass recycling and most respondents would like to pay less than $4.99 monthly for the service.

First a disclaimer: our polling was completely unscientific, extremely informal and polled only readers at boiseweekly.com. Our poll determined that 93 percent of respondents would use a curbside glass recycling program if one was offered. More than half—59 percent—of respondents answered they'd be willing to pay up to $4.99 each month for the service, 28 percent were willing to pay between $5 and $9.99 monthly, and 13 percent would shell out between $10 and $13.00 monthly.

According to Public Works Commission Division Chief Paul Woods, official polling numbers indicated that 61 percent of Boiseans want curbside glass recycling. Though plans are far from solidified, Woods is working with Allied Waste to craft a curbside glass plan with a voluntary monthly fee of approximately $9.50.