Mega-load Rolls Again, This Time Through Freezing Fog


Patches of U.S. Highway 12 in North Central Idaho were enveloped by patchy, freezing fog overnight, but the Idaho Transportation Department and ConocoPhillips agreed that conditions improved enough to allow the mega-load of oil equipment to continue its journey toward the Montana border.

Early this morning, the 300-ton load pulled alongside milepost 194, just east of Lowell. ITD has changed the travel plan so that a fourth leg of the trip would only travel about 30 miles and then reach the Montana border on a fifth night. The original plan called for a four-day trip.


The load left the Port of Lewiston last week. Conoco wants to roll another mega-load across the same route and then move the two shipments on to its Billings, Mont., refinery.

You can read more about the controversial journey in this week's BW.