Mega-loads Expected to Roll Tuesday, Feb. 1


It's official. Idaho Transportation Dept. Director Brian Ness has issued permits for four mega-loads of oil equipment to roll across central Idaho beginning Monday, January 24 Tuesday, Feb. 1. The ruling concludes five months of court and administrative hearings, including stops in Idaho District Court and the Idaho State Supreme Court.

"I am convinced the record showed the loads can be moved safely, without damage to the roads and bridges and with minimal disruption to traffic and emergency services," said Ness. "Every argument has been heard and considered. We can no longer delay this process."

Two permits are being issued today to transport two loads beginning Monday, Jan. 24Tuesday, Feb.1, if weather conditions allow. The permits can be extended if weather does not allow the transport.

"I will not comment further because litigation is possible," said Ness.


UPDATE: This story has been updated as the Idaho Transportation Dept. has learned additional time will be needed to prepare and mobilize the shipments.