AEHI Wins Approval for Rezone from Payette County P&Z


Thursday night, Payette County Planning and Zoning Commissioners swung open a huge gate to Alternate Energy Holdings (BW, News, "Payette: The County of Yes" Dec. 8, 2010).

As expected, commissioners approved a rezone from agricultural to industrial for a site of nearly 5,000 rural acres near New Plymouth. A final rezone approval is necessary from Payette County Commissioners, and they're expected to take the matter up in January.


The next step would be for AEHI to begin a multi-million dollar licensing process which could take three to four years. AEHI officials told commissioners that in a best-case scenario, Payette County could see a new nuclear reactor by 2020.

AEHI promised P & Z commissioners that the nuclear facility would generate up to 5,000 construction jobs and 2,000 more jobs when and if the facility is operational.