Labrador, Minnick Trade Barbs on Stimulus


In spite of the pile of federal stimulus checks with Idaho's name on them, Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick and his Republican challenger Raul Labrador are trading barbs on who hates the stimulus more.

Oct. 18, NPR reported that Minnick voted against the economic stimulus bill in 2009, yet "tried the back door for earmarks."

Labrador quickly pounced, saying "Walt Minnick's hypocrisy is endless."

Tuesday, Minnick spokesman John Foster said, "Only one Congressional candidate in Idaho has voted to approve money from the (stimulus) and that person is Raul Labrador."

Foster said while serving in the Idaho Legislature, Labrador voted to spend stimulus money on the Commission on Aging, the Department of Health and Welfare, local school districts and tutoring programs.

Two weeks until Election Day.