Idaho Women Among Millions to Benefit from Health-Care Reform


It's estimated that at least 20 percent of Idaho women are uninsured. They, and approximately 30 million of their sisterhood are expected to benefit from the new health-care reform law over the next decade, according to a new report Friday, July 30 from The Commonwealth Fund.

In the first analysis of its kind, authors report the law will stabilize or reverse the growing exposure to health costs for up to 15 million currently uninsured women, and strengthen coverage for 14.5 million women who are considered underinsured. Although women are just as likely to be uninsured as men, their health-care needs leave them vulnerable to high health costs. According to the report, because insurance carriers consider women, particularly those of reproductive age, higher risk than men, many are charged much higher premiums for the same benefits than men of the same age. Further, most individual policies do not cover pregnancy.

Check out the report, Realizing Health Reform's Potential: Women and the Affordable Care Act of 2010.