Another Thing Obama Did Not Lie About


In his recent health care speech to Congress, President Barack Obama promised to call out any elected official who misrepresents his health-care reform initiative.

This morning, shortly after Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo delivered his opening remarks in the Senate Finance Committee mark-up on the Baucus health care bill, the Democratic National Committee sent out an e-mail refuting Crapo's claims that the expansion of Medicare Medicaid [edited 14:14] would cost states more.

According to the DNC, Crapo said: "The bill is going to put an unsustainable burden on states through the unprecedented expansion of Medicaid, a government program that is consumed by waste and fraud and where we should be finding more savings."

But the DNC cites six mainstream media reports refuting that claim and asserting that the Baucus bill actually increases the proportion of federal payments to states for Medicaid, the New York Times and The Hill.

“We’re sensitive to their concerns. We want to do this right but make them sensitive to our imperatives, too, which are: we’ve got to pay for all of this,” Baucus said. “We can’t foot the entire bill for the states. We just can’t do that,” Baucus said. “We can’t let U.S. taxpayers pay the full state bill” for the expansion. — From The Hill

You can watch Crapo's remarks below.