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BLIP Presents C. Hunt's A Paris Story Radio Play

Tuesday, Jan. 31


Gone are the vast ornamental radio cabinets of the 1920s, which turned electronic equipment into antique furniture with lacquered wood exteriors yielding to small brass knobs or ivory handles. Radio plays—the installment-based precursors to television programming—couldn't have asked for a more classy display.

That longing for the Golden Age of radio isn't lost on Black Linen Introduces Playwrights.

In BLIP's continued endeavors to shine a spotlight on local theater, it will host a special evening at Hyde Park Books on Tuesday, Jan. 31, showcasing a recording fit for an antique, four-tube RCA radio.

The program is an adapted version of graphic artist C. Hunt's A Paris Story, a fast-paced adventure serial with a death-defying romance. The tale places debonair thrill-seeker Archer in pursuit of Catherine, his long-lost flame. Archer's former travels include Batman-esque battles with a shark and an African lion hunt a la Ernest Hemingway. Archer is pretty much the embodiment of the Dos Equis guy.

Catch C. Hunt, voice actors from Homegrown Theater and a live foley recording by Thomas Paul. It promises to be an evening fit for a flapper girl.