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Black Widow Pleads Not Guilty in Elko


Black Widow Pleads Not Guilty in Elko

The trial of the century is under way in Elko, Nevada. But due to the specifics of the case--a drunken gold miner getting stabbed in the heart with a dagger and dying in the street--we're not sure which century.

Shelli Rose Dewey, 33, of Boise is charged with skewering her husband, Nevada mineworker Steven Dewey, during a lover's quarrel in downtown Elko last September. According to a lengthy writeup in the Elko Daily Free Press, Deputy District Attorney Al Kacin charged Shelli Dewey with open murder, which is a combination of both first- and second-degree murder charges. In his opening statement, Kacin said witnesses who were inside the nearby bar will testify that they heard screaming from outside and saw Steven Dewey lying on the ground bleeding while Shelli was screaming and talking to 911. Chacin added, "Witnesses will testify that the defendant had carried daggers previous to this and she knew how to use it to stab someone through the heart."

Dewey's defense attorney, Marc Picker, told jurors a very different story. He said the accused was a loyal wife who visited her husband as often as possible, and that witnesses are only assuming they heard a fight. Shelli Dewey helped police find the murder weapon and called 911 to try to save her husband, Picker said, and she only confessed to stabbing her husband "not on purpose" when pressured by officers who may have already mishandled key evidence.

"The police side of this is woulda, coulda, shoulda," Picker said. The trial is scheduled to continue for the next three weeks.