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Black Tooth Grin Comes Full Psycle

Friday, July 8, KFCH


Local band Black Tooth Grin has something to smile about and a reason to celebrate: its new album Psycle.

Psycle is the culmination of BTG's nearly nine years of existence. It's only the band's third full-length and sounds like something that has been nurtured until its creators felt it was good and ready. BTG's classic swampy Southern rock/metal sound reverberates through every track, but Psycle is a concept album dealing with "birth, life, struggles and death--things all humans go through," according to BTG frontman Justin Arthur.

All four band members contributed to the songwriting, giving the tracks a connective tissue. From heartbeat-thumping bass lines, drum beats like heavy footsteps, Arthur's punishing but peaceful vocals and guitarist Jeremy Schmidt's mastery of knowing when to slay a riff and when to pull back, Psycle is a good reason for BTG to throw a party.